above the city II

On the hill above the city,
on an afternoon all green and blue:

Picnics are spread, a tea-party laid out.
A small boy joyfully kicks
a large plush toy down the hill,
as a wedding party poses by the pavilion.
Happily discordant strains
of “happy birthday to you”
drift from a nearby teenage group,
set apart from the many little ones
who are running,
beneath a bright flock of kites.


I took my daughter and a couple of her friends for a picnic and kite flying at the Arboretum yesterday. It was one of those perfect Canberra autumn afternoons – mild and sunny, and almost unbearably blue. The sort you want to keep preserved in glass, for later revisiting. 

At least it was perfect until I decided to have a go at rolling down the hill. The kids were having a great time doing it, and who cares what other people think, right? Turns out all those other adults were smarter than me. Barely a quarter of the way down I had to stop, head spinning and almost throwing up. Sigh. Next time I will stick to flying kites.  


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6 responses to “above the city II

  1. Lovely poem and prose. I hear you on the rolling down the hill! Sucks to grow up. I can’t even enjoy swinging for long anymore. Maybe it’s nature’s way of keeping Mums happy pushing their kids on swings instead of being part of the battle to “have a go”.

  2. …and I used to like the swings at the park!

    • well, only one way to know – do the experiment 😀
      Last time I tried a swing I did feel a bit yuck after a while, but more embarrassing was that my backside got wedged in and it took a bit of a struggle to get out. They must make swings smaller than they used to be. 😀

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