bothersome quadrille

For the bothersome dVerse Monday quadrille #126 prompt, and with thanks to H_ for scribing for me on the school run this morning:


What a bothersome great fuss,
another morning weekday rush
just to get to school on time
on a day so sweetly fine.
Look, the sky’s so brilliant blue,
Mum, can’t I stay home with you?

Absolutely not my dear,
get your butt outta here!


A quadrille is exactly 44 words, no restrictions otherwise, and must contain the prompt word or a variation, in this case ‘bother’.   


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24 responses to “bothersome quadrille

  1. 😂😂. So true. I love the quiet house when the kids are at school. But I hate the morning rush.

  2. Haha. This poem made me laugh out loud. Nicely done.

  3. sanaarizvi

    This is absolutely delightful! 😀

  4. Damn… Very much relatable. both ways. . .

  5. I really laughed at this, Kate. SO cute!


  6. this human zoo me and you
    on time
    koosh koosh
    will the loo be open?

  7. I remember those days of yore … way way back! This is delightful!

  8. Ha! Yes! I remember those years. Heck, with an 18-and-a-19, we’re still in ’em! Get.the.heck.out. 😉

  9. Msdedeng

    Haha, sweet!

  10. I like the humor and honesty in this. You are integrating poetry into your life, writing on the run.

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