make $$$ while you sleep!

For the dVerse Monday prosery prompt “meet me where the sidewalk ends“, with the requirements: 144 words or fewer, NOT a poem, and using the line from Shel Silverstein “if you are a dreamer, come in” with any punctuation:


The kids were on the couch in front of the TV when I got home, as usual, each plugged into their phone – networking, gaming, blogging. But not picking up their dirty dishes or getting dinner ready, of course.
The little one in her thirties now, and the twins almost forty! Where did the time go…?
I used to think they’d finish school, then college, get jobs… but we’ve made ourselves redundant. There’s nothing a human can do that a machine can’t do better. Even designing new machines.
The blaring TV got even louder as it went to a commercial – a gold-toothed shouty-droid proclaiming “So if YOU are a dreamer, come in today! We pay top prices!” as dollar signs flashed in his eyes.
Well now, maybe there was still one thing machines couldn’t do.
“Alexa, call ‘Androids don’t dream of electric sheep’”.


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6 responses to “make $$$ while you sleep!

  1. Clever clever clever! I chuckled out loud at the end.
    But when you think about it…..are we indeed making ourselves redundant with all the robots, artifical intelligence, voice recognition….etc? Well here’s one thing….I don’t think a hug by a robot would be near as comforting as human arms and curling in to a person’s soft warm body for that hug!
    Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks Lillian 🙂
      I think the big problem is that our social/political/economic systems can’t keep up with technology development. We should all have a lot more leisure time for hugs, as production and services are automated… but it doesn’t work that way.

  2. ‘Androids don’t dream of electric sheep’. A gem.

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