a glass of sweet autumn gloaming

For the dVerse Monday prompt “In praise of the grape“, a quadrille using the word wine:


The autumn-sweet air is eucalypt clean,
light, yellow as late-harvest wine, gilds the trees,
insect hum deepens the stillness,
stirred by currawong’s mournful goodnight.

The trees blush rose,
then dissolve
into the darkness rising from valley
to meet an apricot sky,
ripening to indigo.




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23 responses to “a glass of sweet autumn gloaming

  1. Such a gorgeous title, and then the poem itself did not disappoint. Incredible use of words here.

  2. Vivid sensory sharing at a special time of season and day turn to night.

  3. Beautiful ❤️. I want to sink into it and sleep there, cocooned in this lovely peaceful place.

  4. I enjoyed this wonderful capture of autumn, Kate, especially the phrases ‘eucalypt clean’, ‘currawong’s mournful goodnight’ and ‘apricot sky, ripening to indigo’, which appeal to the senses.

  5. A fantastic, beautiful poem, Kate, and – I learned for the first time about currawongs!


  6. Gorgeous descriptions! Thanks for joining us.

  7. Here’s to the wine of sunset, here’s to you Kate!

  8. You had me at the gorgeous title. I like the way this line made me slow down and pause…. “the trees blush rose’

  9. I loved all the colours in the second verse, very beautiful.

  10. Color me loving all of the tints and hues in your poem …..

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