B-ark-ing mad and chasing our tails

Back on the B-ark yesterday, for strategic planning! So the dVerse prompt: “put your words on spin cycle” felt very apt when I read it this morning.

I hate tidying, sweeping, mopping the floor,
and washing dishes even more,
and there are few things I wouldn’t rather be
doing, than a load of laundry –
but sitting here and taking notes
in this bloody meeting, gets some votes.
There’s no action-items, no decisions made,
my patience is becoming increasingly frayed…

Really, government ought to ban
meetings to design a “strategic plan”
or at least put warnings on the door,
like on ciggy packs: excessive bore-
dom is damaging to your brain.
I’m pretty sure the chair’s insane.

I’ve a burning question, I’d like to ask,
sorry, yes, it’s a bit off-task –
but don’t you have a job to do?
And even if you don’t, I do!


I feel much better having had a vent… time to cook dinner! Then I can catch up on some data analysis over the long weekend, check the presentation my student has put together…  


Filed under poem, rants

7 responses to “B-ark-ing mad and chasing our tails

  1. over and over
    and nae always mit clover

  2. The rhyme here adds so much to the playful fun of this serious question. I HATE meetings. I feel this, deeply.

  3. This made me laugh! Great poem!

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