hatsu hana, sakura and osozakura

For the dVerse Haibun Monday prompt: Cherry Blossoms

Every day I drive past a field on the edge of the village. A view of it opens suddenly between rows of tall trees, and I have to look quickly to catch a glimpse of it as I turn onto the bridge into the village. Today this field is darkened by the autumn rains to mud-brown, and even the sheep, knee-deep in mud, are mucky grey-brown.
But in my mind, it is emerald green with fresh spring growth, dotted with white sheep. It is sweet summer deep-gold with ripe grain and pale-gold with dry straw. It is drought-dry hard summer ochre, with willy-willies swirling columns of dust among the thirsty sheep. It is autumn grey. It is glittering white with winter frost. In a single glimpse it is all of these, all at once, each a vivid transparency overlaid on today’s precious glimpse.
I blink, and the field is behind me and I am slowing to enter the village, where the houses and a line of decorative street-trees begins, the last yellowed leaves falling from their bare branches…

I see blossoms foam,
leaf buds forming, un-furling,
on bare black branches.


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20 responses to “hatsu hana, sakura and osozakura

  1. Beautiful. I love the layers. I love the different kinds of summer. I love the writing.

  2. laid down all around
    foot falls
    last cold day
    leads way to tomorrow s comforts perhaps

  3. Gillena Cox

    Drinking in the beauty of the scenery by your words. Have a nice week


  4. How lovely that the field can be transformed by your imagination!

  5. Beautiful and elegant. Lovely write!

  6. Your poem is grounding in that special tree you look at in just a glimpse each time you pass it. Whatever else changes, it is there, waiting.

  7. Lovely Kate, really beautiful!

  8. I love how you brought the blossom to life even as a mere memory.

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