let the clouds roll in

Let the clouds roll in, shrinking the world down around us
to just this valley, tucked among the hills,
to just this clearing in the forest,
to just this house,
just this room,
just our bed,
just us.
Just us
with breaths
with warm limbs
with drifting minds
with even dreams entwined
with the sound of rain on the roof,
with the scent of rain in the forest, the hills.
Let the clouds roll in, releasing the rain to fill our whole world.

This is my first go at a shaped poem. I’ve seen a few around lately so I thought I would have a go. And as sleep and rain are two of my favourite things, they seemed an obvious choice for topic.  We’ve got a lot of rain forecast for the next few days, and I love snoozing while it’s raining. I hope the creek floods again so we can’t get into town and we all have to stay home and I can sleep in.  


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6 responses to “let the clouds roll in

  1. wind
    in the storm
    is the usual norm

  2. it’s beautiful. i love the contraction to the small space and then the opening out and the imagery and the sounds. And oh, hasn’t it rained?

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