flat on my assonance (no volta)

For the dVerse prompt poetry form: Seguidilla“:

My attempts at assonance
fail right at the start,
all I get is dissonance
no matter the path.
Writing partial rhymes
is much harder than it seems,
though I really tried.

I like alliteration
and I like true rhyme
So, I’ll do what’s rarely done
here, this second time.
I’ll write my B-line
to rhyme (after an A) and
that’ll do me fine!

As explained by Grace:

“The Seguidilla is:

• stanzaic, written in any number of 2 part septets. (7 lines)
• syllabic, 7-5-7-5 : 5-7-5 per line. There is a slight pause between L4 and L5 suggesting L4 should be end-stopped.
• rhymed by assonance xAxABxB or xAxABAB. x being unrhymed. True rhyme is generally not used.
• composed with a volta or change in thought between L4 and L5.
• sometimes serves as a conclusion for another verse.”



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18 responses to “flat on my assonance (no volta)

  1. Cleverly conceived and crafted! 😉

  2. Beverly Crawford

    I’m still laughing at your wonderful title….the makings of a jingle
    assonance, dissonance, volta and rhyme
    seguidilla, sasparilla, lemon and lime

    • Thank you! It took me almost as long to come up with the title as the poem. 😀
      I think you’ve definitely got the start of a song there – reminds me of “hazy shade of winter” with the “unpublished rhyme”/”vodka and lime” lines.

  3. Perfect! I join Ms. Bev in uproarious laughter.

  4. Nice fun write and I love the title too!

  5. You really write about the struggle with form so well… finding those half-rhymes is often so much more challenging (may I recommend http://www.b-rhymes.com/ )

  6. I love this and think you have mastered the seguidilla in its essence if not in its assonance! Very clever poem on form.

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