dream catcher

For Eugi’s weekly prompt: “dreamcatcher”:

In these moments of uncertainty,
no longer sleeping but not yet waking,
dreams still drifting like mist,
the dreamcatcher comes –
sweeping away the night’s detritus,
clearing your mind
for the needs of the day,
so you can meet them
mind tidy and brushed clean,
free of the cobwebs of the subconscious.

But perhaps…
perhaps it wouldn’t hurt so very much
to just quickly,
before they are all gathered up and taken away,
tuck one gauzy dream-scrap into a pocket,
to take out later,
to gaze, surreptitiously,
at its iridescent peacock-feather colours.

I imagine a dream catcher as a cleaner that sweeps up all the dreams before you wake up, or perhaps something like Hoggle in the film ‘Labyrinth’.   


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9 responses to “dream catcher

  1. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could tuck a dream away, one that we cherish and relive the experience. Beautiful piece, Kate, and thank you for joining in.

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  3. Like this..simply brilliant!

  4. One could make the mistake of nodding comfortably as your poem lilts along in pleasant narrative, missing the evident expert labor of the tight but easy verse.

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