365 f.p.y

For the dVerse Monday Quadrille prompt: “swift”.
A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, and it must include the prompt word or a variation – otherwise, no constraints.

The days flicker past.

No longer discrete,
they blur together
into an illusion of continuity.

Like a ribbon of film –
frame after frame
each distinct
but too swiftly gone –
beyond the persistence of vision.

Until the film ends
and there is darkness.

Many, many years ago I knew a guy who worked as a projectionist at a small cinema. He let me sit in the projection room with him once, and watch the film being loaded, flowing through the projector – click click click – as we watched for the marker that says when you have to get the next reel ready… I toyed with various endings for this, but the sudden darkness when the film finished and the projector was flicked off was too vivid a memory to leave out, even if it is – metaphorically – a bit dark.  


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11 responses to “365 f.p.y

  1. life a song
    swan cygnet
    ugly and like
    the catapillar
    emerges true joy
    wing take flight
    day or night

  2. ps i cannot spell well and too lazy to spell chek

  3. That’s a great use of extended metaphor. I like the ending, it’s powerful.

  4. Lights up!!! A great write …….

  5. I love the metaphor of the old projector and film to show time passing.

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