come with me?

For dVerse’s quadrille #122 prompt “going… going… gone poeming” 
The challenge: exactly 44 words, must include the word ‘go’.


I could step into my imagination,
and close the door behind me.

But if you want to,
you can come too.
Just take my hand
and step through…
we can go anywhere you want.

But quickly, close the door,
before they see we’ve gone!


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16 responses to “come with me?

  1. door slam
    so no maam

  2. You are brave (or perhaps just creative) to invite others into your imagination

  3. I’m not sure anybody could survive all up in my brain box, but I love the idea of inviting someone to do so!

  4. That sounds like a fun invite! What did Bob Dylan say ‘I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours?’

  5. I get a feeling that Alice is there behind the looking glass.

  6. Beverly Crawford

    This is charming. Let’s go!

  7. Love the way this ends. Made me smile. 🙂


  8. A beautiful whisper…. I love.

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