telling stories I: just words

“I’ll talk it all to pieces if I have to tell about it. Then it’s gone, and when I try to remember what it was really like, I remember only my own story”. Snufkin (‘The Spring Tune’, Tove Jansson)

Let me give you a moment of my time –
a memory,
a story –
all that I saw, heard, felt..
how it was
(well, at least how it was for me)
turned to words, as best I can.

I’ve rolled it into a ball for you,
a glass marble –
to amuse you
or impress you
(here, hold it up to your eye)
a lens to see me through.

Here, take it –
roll it around in your mind,
look at it:
can you see something within?
Or is it just an empty bauble?

You think this costs me nothing.
After all –
these are just words,
and I have not lost the words
in giving them to you.
See, I still have them here.

But the memory that became the story
is just words now…

Because I gave it to you.


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15 responses to “telling stories I: just words

  1. you did ok
    the agate
    them words
    and letters
    i saw
    runes on ya page
    which even is aging

  2. Very nicely done! And… words written down can last for centuries!!

  3. Amazing.
    A story is more than the assembled words.
    Love the nipsu quote too 💚

    • I love Snufkin (nipsu?) as a character – so perfectly self-contained and so unencumbered – disengaged and selfish in a way. Quite an aspirational figure. 😀 But Little My is my favourite. I wish I was Little My, but increasingly I’m Moominmama (with less cooking and more shouting and swearing).

      • Sorry, I made woopsy. Nuuskamuikkunen is Snufkin. I don’t use the English names often.
        People here like to associate with Snufkin but most turn out to Myys or nipsus (a few haisulis as well)
        My wife’s favorite is My, she was even called My as a child. Our daughter looks to be following the same path.
        Moominmama is profound. Even with some added shouting and swearing, you have some lucky kids 😉💚

  4. You are really very clever with words, sound, and images.

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