this third

This is for dVerse’s quadrille prompt: “Let’s embrace”. A quadrille has exactly 44 words, and the prompt requires that it includes the word Embrace.
Embrace made me think of one of my favourite poems, Judith Wright’s Woman to Man, which is about conception and has the line “the third that lay in our embrace”.  We studied this poem at school, and I loved it then, but more so now as an adult and a mother.


For H:


This third that lay in our embrace
now runs ahead in laughing grace.
I’m in her face, you’re in her eyes,
we’re in every cell – our joy, our cries.
And when we’re gone, she’ll hold our trace,
this third that lay in our embrace.



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49 responses to “this third

  1. Carol Congalton

    Yes! A very beautiful poem indeed!

  2. I like this poem very much. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Beautiful…you captured it.

  4. Beverly Crawford

    Incredibly touching, and so true of our children who hold within the spiraling chain of DNA that imprints who we are, who they are, and who coming generations will be. .

  5. Oh this is so lovely, Kate!

  6. Wow, a stellar poem that speaks movingly of love and life.

  7. Lovely poem. It says so much in a few words–exploring birth to generations on. There’s a timeless feel to it.

  8. This is beautiful – such a great tribute to a beloved child!

  9. This is a beautiful piece, Kate.

  10. An endearing poem of the “seeds” we plant in this world. Heartwarming!

  11. I do love this… so much left in that trace… a little DNA and that third from two.

  12. sanaarizvi

    So utterly, gorgeously moving!💝💝

  13. What a wonderful poem of love. I especially like the line,
    This third that lay in our embrace

  14. Inspiration, but it works wonderfully in your poem, as well.

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