Obliquity II : turn the upper cheek

From summer downunder, for Eugi’s weekly prompt “winter”.  So great to have these prompts back! Thanks Eugi!

Mother earth,
your buttocks are scorchy!
It is time to turn us
away from the fire.

For my northern hemisphere friends – hang in there, the Earth will be turning her upper cheeks to the sun soon, and you’re welcome to it.  (And if you’re thinking winter is when you’re further from the sun, you might want to read Obliquity.)


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9 responses to “Obliquity II : turn the upper cheek

  1. I love this delightful piece, Kate! I’m looking so forward to green trees and pink flowers and all that spring has to offer! And I am glad you enjoy my prompts! 😊

  2. A delightful poem that made me smile! Thank you, could use it this morning -33 with a -45 windchill! Let’s get a little scorchy!!

  3. Normally we are in a zone that doesn’t get that much snow. This year is one of the exceptions. This winter for us (not just the new year) we’ve had several snow storms with some areas getting over a foot (more due today with the last snow still on the ground). But I’m not way north where winter is more like 9 months and the rest of the seasons are squished into three. Nor am I way south where in the states palm trees grow and one has to worry about hurricanes and tornados. It’s all Location, Location, Location.

    Sending you some cool down thoughts!!

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