in-flight entertainment

For dVerse’s MTB Opening lines…beginnings prompt:


I didn’t think to fold my shadow
and place it in the overhead compartment,
or under the seat in front.
It should have been mentioned
in the pre-flight warnings.

And now it has come loose –
although not for want of trying,
chasing desperately below.
But I cannot see it on the sea,
it must have drowned or turned back.

Will I walk across the tarmac
smiling and revelling in new-found lightness,
or head down, in a cloud of vague unease,
a not-quite-wholeness, a not-belongingness.

Perhaps I can go to lost luggage,
and claim someone else’s as mine –
stitch it on with a travel sewing kit,
just a few stitches – easy to unpick –
so I can try it out, just while I’m away.

And then perhaps I’ll keep it, or perhaps not.
I can decide when I get home.

 I haven’t done any travel for a while, and I don’t really miss it to be honest, although I do enjoy the suspension of responsibility during a long flight. The last time I flew there were no screens on the seat in front, and there was only work on my laptop. So I found myself watching the plane’s shadow and daydreaming, and started writing this. The MTB prompt inspired me to rummage it out and finish it.   


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26 responses to “in-flight entertainment

  1. Your poem fits me to a T … I love traveling, morphing into someone completely different, wild, nutty …. returning home to boring old me. Great poetry,

  2. Terrific first line, intriguing and odd – and then as the poem takes off – so evocative of flight – and those days of going to work on a plane – and how identity and self are stitched together – yet easy to unpick. Lovely piece.

    • Thanks Peter. 🙂
      I find the idea of choosing or changing identity really interesting – and how other people identify us. I shared a house with a nurse for a while, and one day I introduced her to someone as “this is Susan, she’s a nurse”, and she got quite angry and gave me a lecture on how nursing was her job, not her identity. I’ve paid more attention to how I introduce people since, but I didn’t fully appreciate where Susan was coming from until I went back to work after a few years off with kids, and was introduced by my new boss to a colleague as “this is Kate, she has twins”.

  3. This is so clever. I love both the idea of the shadow and losing it, and the metaphorical meanings. I haven’t traveled much in recent years, but even when I’m out walking, I watch my shadow (and shadows, in general). 😀

  4. A very unique and interesting opening line! I love the concept of a folded shadow! Seems our shadows just stay in the chair these cold winter days!

  5. Grabber 1st line & very cool poem overall. For what it’s worth, I have a couple extra shadows (various sizes & umbras) which I’ll be happy to let you have at a reasonable cost, either on a sales or rental basis.

  6. Beverly Crawford

    I am convinced I’ve acquired someone else’s shadow and my upright, erect shadow belongs to someone else. The one I have now is stooped and seems to walk with a forward tilt. It must belong to some older woman!

  7. I love how this played out in the poem. I bet you anything her shadow is waiting for her when she gets home.

  8. sanaarizvi

    This is absolutely stellar writing, Kate 😀 I especially like; “Will I walk across the tarmac smiling and revelling in new-found lightness, or head down, in a cloud of vague unease.”💝💝

  9. Nicely done, Kate, from the surreal opening line and unusual setting to the way the poem unfolds. I love the idea of claiming someone else’s shadow and stitching it on with a travel sewing kit, which reminds me of Peter Pan.

    • Thanks Kim, I had in mind Peter Pan when I wrote it. 🙂 I edited the third stanza down – it originally included “will I go searching, hopelessly, for Wendy?”, but I thought it might be a bit obscure.

  10. Loved the opening line Kate, and Peter Pan — yes!

  11. Amazing how strange it is… traveling has become like a dream… love that first line.

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