go stand in the corner Vanessa

This is a response to The sound of one hand typing’s “go stand in the corner” prompt:

Times are hard in quarantine,
harder than I’ve ever seen –
the vegan food’s not vegan enough,
and washing my own hair!? That’s rough!

I’m supposed to have people for that!
And don’t call me a spoiled brat –
I may have no sense of propriety,
But I’m a valuable member of society 
because I donate to charities
from what I earn in my undies!
But I’ve closed the curtains so the press can’t see
‘cos they’re not getting pics for free,
so now I’m sitting in the dark,
watching Bernie play Warcraft.

Presumably there are economic reasons for running the Australian Open this year, because it seems crazy in terms of public health. It’s an entertainment event (for those who find tennis entertaining) – it doesn’t produce anything, it doesn’t help anyone, it doesn’t grow food, build homes, provide medical care…

Now, while I don’t find tennis entertaining, the whining of some of the players and their entourages at having to be quarantined (for free, in 5 star hotels, before they get paid $100k just for showing up) is entertaining. They came in on a chartered flight with a covid-positive person (or two) on the same plane and now they have to quarantine for 14 days. As does anyone else, but hey, they’re ever so special….  there have been ZERO  covid cases outside quarantine for 15 days now in Victoria, but that’s not important, ‘cos they’re getting bored, and can’t train, so keeping them in quarantine is unfair. 

But the pick of it all is a special popsy moaning that she hasn’t had to wash her own hair for years, and that she’s spending $200 a day on take-away food because the hotel food sometimes isn’t very good…  No, she’s not even a player, she’s a girlfriend. A professional girlfriend, who earns her keep selling photos of herself online in her underwear. At least hotel quarantine won’t be disrupting her work. Or is Tomic tired of “yoga” with her? 

Go stand in the corner Vanessa, and hang your head. 


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5 responses to “go stand in the corner Vanessa

  1. BoardFlak

    Indeed, do as some of the teachers used to do – draw a chalk circle and make her keep her nose pressed to the wall inside of it.

  2. Call me popsy if you like
    I really do not care
    But forced to wash my own hair
    Now that is so unfair…..

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