the cocky

Cocky, cocky screaming loud
sulphur crest raised high and proud,
what immortal hand or eye
did make a thing with such a cry?

In the brightly sunlit bush
your shrieks destroy the gentle hush.
Surely only a demon’s ear
could bear your banshee shrieks to hear.

In what button factory
were those eyes, so refractory,
popped out from the plastic mould –
so beady, but yet still so bold?

On bright white wings, you’re lifted high,
but on whose bidding do you fly?
On what mission to destroy,
those angel’s wings a cunning ploy?

From what joviality
came your avian sinistrality*?
When you lift a claw to beak,
it isn’t always food you seek.

Oh, what the lock, what the chain,
released your small but wicked brain?
Oh, screaming bastard cockatoo,
did he who made the parasitic wasp make you?

*cockatoos are left-handed. Seriously.  And they zoom around screeching and wrecking stuff for the pure joy of destruction. A lot like kids, really. And apologies to Blake, and a nod to Darwin.  😀


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23 responses to “the cocky

  1. Not a fan of cockies?
    Getting a real Judith Wright vibe from you lately. Love it 💚

    • Love ’em when they perch en masse in a big pine tree and drop pine cones on other people’s cars, hate ’em when they pull out my seedlings and throw them in the air and laugh… but it’s impossible to stay angry at them because they’re always so gleefully unrepentant. The Vic gov has guidelines on managing cockatoo damage to crops, street lights, houses, power lines, sports facilities…etc… 😀

      I will take a comparison to Judith Wright as a major compliment! Thank you! ❤ Have you seen "I write like…"? it's really fun, but doesn't include poets.

      • So a love, hate relationship. I’ve always thought of them as arrogant children. Lovable, annoying, wild children.
        Is there also some form of compensation?

        You should, Wright was one of best when it came to describing everything Australian.
        Yes. I’ve tried it in the past, I got King, Atwood, Dickinson, Poe. I write a whole bunch of nonsense, so it varies from piece to piece.
        How about you?

        • I got Atwood, King, Doctorow… For my one and only published short story I got Agatha Christie, which surprised me, but if I could write and publish fiction like her I’d be thrilled! I could give up my day job!

        • I’m curious how many authors they have in their database.
          To say Agatha was prolific would be an understatement. The family will be living of every incarnation of Marple and Poirot for lifetimes.

        • Their “about” page has a list of the authors – 50 of them. They also have the code available if you want to have a play with it – and make your own poetry version. 😊 My coding ability isn’t up to it. ☹

        • I’m wondering if I used they same site as you 🤔
          It would be interesting to see if they just assign you an an author from their number or if there is a decision saying you are unlike anything we have recorded.
          My coding is non existent. Probably should get on that.

        • I’m just using . The “about” page says it uses a Bayesian classifier, just like spam detectors do, but “trained” using examples of novels by the authors in their list. So it will always match you to an existing author in their list. It uses factors including punctuation and sentence length too, which is cool. Have you ever used Word’s readability statistics function? It gives you stuff like sentence length, % passive sentences, F-K reading grade level, etc… I got into the habit when writing a text with strict author instructions RE readability. Not relevant for poetry though. 😀

        • Interesting. So it’s more flow and form than content.
          I don’t use word. I probably should. I’ve been using Google docs it’s okay, but with those features I should make the change.

        • And word choice too.
          I use Word because it’s on all the work computers. And I work offline a lot, so google docs doesn’t work for me.

        • That makes sense. Use the sane program across the board.
          I think Google docs is like word for dummies. So it suits my purpose.

  2. Amen. Gorgeous creatures that would be happy to bite your fingers off.

  3. Haha amusing indeed. XD
    I had almost forgotten your tone and style of writing. Feels like revisiting an old friend. Much love. Hope things are well on your side. Keep writing these snarky full of humour poems. 🖤😊

  4. I like this one too, Kate. What a poetic way to express frustration. 🙂 I especially like the rhymes of “joviality” and “sinistrality.”

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