summer solstice

In response to Frank’s Haikai challenge, my first tanka (hope I got the form right):

As the sun rises
a million cicadas wake,
and start drumming their
fifteen-hour crescendo
to celebrate the solstice

and a haiku:

The longest day fits
neatly with the shortest night.
How well organised!


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11 responses to “summer solstice

  1. Perfect. Almost enough to make me homesick 💚

    • hmmm… must try harder:

      Magpie song flows on
      the eucalypt scented breeze
      through the green-grey bush,
      as drowsy roos snooze away
      another hot summer day.

      😀 I got my mum some mummin mugs for Christmas. Hope you had a lovely Christmas there!

      • That’s perfect!
        You hit all the right notes. Throw in a six pack of vics or a bottle of bundy and I’m home.

        I’ve looked at some of the pics from home and I’m feeling it this year.

        Boxing day test is making it easier to want to stay away 😂

        How did you manage moomin mugs in oz?

        Merry Christmas Kate 🎄💚

        • Did you know VB now make a scent called “thirst”? Pub floor with undertones of tradie singlet, perhaps? 😀 It even comes in a miniature VB bottle, that could go straight to the pool room. Now with a dab of that, and a Paul Kelly sound track (way up on high, looking over the bridge….) you could turn up the heater to blast furnace level, put on the cricket commentary, close your eyes and feel like you were really there for the boxing day test. Just get the kids to buzz like flies and poke bugs up your nose.

          You can find anything on ebay… even the single stockist of moomin mugs in Oz. Not cheap, but compared to the postage from anywhere else it was okay.

          Happy new year Mouse! ❤

        • That can’t be true?!?
          Truly the greatest gift to bogan kind!
          Now every year mum and dad are sorted, a bottle of thirst and tabu under the tree 😂
          I love the image. Definitely would be a spot on recreation of Boxing Day.
          I haven’t been able to sleep. The cricket starts here at 130am. Ive been passing out after 2 and back up with the kids by 7.

          Wish I had known that when I was in oz. My wife was homesick and Finnish stuff was hard to find.

          Happy Holidays Kate 💚

  2. Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:
    #Haiku Happenings #2: Kate Wilson’s latest #tanka and haiku for my current #Haikai Challenge!

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  4. Ah, being at the other side of the world I had to look up Moomin mug.
    Hugs from the USA…
    Freezing my antlers off here – right at 32 F (0 c) here.
    Looking forward to longer days, as our shortest lapsed.
    Thanks for your visit. Hope the New Year is better for everyone!

    • Hardly anyone in Aus has heard of Moomins either – they’re Finnish. I had to look up “cold moon” 🙂 (Frank’s next prompt).
      We’re having a very mild summer this year, after last year’s scorcher – hardly a day over 30C (86F) as yet. Last Christmas we had a string of days over 40C (104F), and NYE fireworks (Canberra) were cancelled because of the bushfires. This year they’re cancelled because of COVID. 😦
      Thanks for visiting Jules! Hugs from downunder!

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