mirrors of the soul II

From an angle
I saw,
brought into focus
by the bokeh
of your eyes,
so much
reflected beauty,
that I couldn’t bear
to look away.

Then you turned them
on me,
and I saw myself,
an object of pity
in your carnival mirror eyes.
What could I do,
but turn away?


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4 responses to “mirrors of the soul II

  1. I found it interesting that one’s view, including a reflected view, of nature is not distorted, but one’s view of oneself as a human being is, implying our imperfections and our mixture of light and dark, stature and cleft.

  2. As someone who is quite short sighted, I think our view of everything is distorted – metaphorically and literally. There is so much image processing that goes on, so much built in bokeh, in our retinas and then the brain as well (not to mention myopic lens aberration).
    Looking at ourselves – we can only see ourselves in a mirror, so add yet another source of distortion… and it can be a very nasty surprise to get a glimpse of oneself as seen by someone else’s eyes (metaphorically speaking).

  3. Beautiful, but oh my heart hurt so.

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