Sunday morning summer ha’sonnets I

The cicada
song fills the air,
almost louder
than I can bear.
In through windows
sound and light flows,
washing sleep out.

But still abed,
cicada buzz
filling my head
with dreamy fuzz…
A grunt, a snort
says that I ought
be up instead.

I close the blind,
feign not to hear,
unmoor my mind
sleep drifting near…
Damn it, Sunday
is my one day
for a sleep-in!

Against the wall
I hear her lie.
Please let her fall
asleep so I
can snooze again.
I pray in vain.
The moment’s past.

Time to get up and feed the pig… 

“haha I win!”


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5 responses to “Sunday morning summer ha’sonnets I

  1. What a fun poem. Your rhymes are natural and skilled and fun.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I like the ha’ sonnet form, it’s really fun. I came across it on Stephen’s If you haven’t got a sonnet . It’s about a quarter of a sonnet – ABABCCD, 4 syllables per line, should have a volta (not all mine do).
      Here’s a quick one for Sunshine and Amy, with some more Aussie slang:
      Flat out like a
      lizard drinking,
      Sunshine strikes a
      pose – he’s thinking
      my life’s so great,
      don’t need no mates,
      ‘cos here’s Amy.

  2. Of course yor pig gets a string! 😀 You may not have manageed to sleep in, but you get a great poem. (I’m not sure that’s a good balance, but…)

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