Sutton Bakery, Saturday morning

This is a sequel to Sutton Bakery, Friday afternoon:


The small city-cars,
those glossy jewel-beetles,
fill the carpark today –
their size and shine declare their origin
as much as the blue Canberra plates they wear.

Inside the Sunday-drivers,
on their Saturday excursion,
sip their cappuccinos and macchiatos.

Two small dogs,
tied to a verandah post,
yap hysterically.

A flock of cyclists turns in,
their bright lycra cladding crying out:
hey! look at my buttocks!

They fill the verandah,
their bikes lining the railings.
The magpies and mynahs are shooed away.
Imagine if one should crap on a seat!

The dusty utes drive past,
on their way to town for the weekly shopping trip.
But none stop today.


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8 responses to “Sutton Bakery, Saturday morning

  1. Is this current, recent or memory?

    • Current, but it’s not as busy as it was pre-lockdown. Either Friday afternoon or Saturdays. But the herds of cyclists are certainly back out again.

      • I really thought most of rural Australia would be able to go about their business unaffected.
        We had the cyclist come through for a week or two every year. Training curcuit before a local race.
        You have an event on soon?

        • Most restrictions have been statewide, so rural vs metro the same rules apply. For some months there was no eating-in anywhere, only take-away. Various state borders have been closed, Victoria is opening up again in about a week. That’s to keep the Victorians in, not us out, although they have things under control now. I don’t know if you’ve been following the news from Aus, but the first wave caused about 100 deaths total, more in Sydney than elsewhere but reasonably spread. The second wave was almost entirely Melbourne, with about 800 deaths. They went into full lockdown with curfews, no travelling more than 10km from home… and it’s worked, no new cases for about 2 weeks now in Melbourne. We still have restrictions on number of people allowed in indoor spaces, etc, which wont be lifted any time soon, compulsory quarantine for travellers, etc. I have friends in New Hampshire in the US, where the state motto is “live free or die” – which I guess is fair enough, until it’s you live free but someone else dies… So glad to be in Aus and not anywhere else, other than maybe NZ.
          Cycling seems to be a big thing in Canberra, lots of bike paths, etc. But on weekends they roam free, and there are always heaps of them on the roads within about 40km of Canberra, in great lycra clad packs, two or three abreast in a hundred zone… but they’re living free.

        • I was keeping up with the restrictions until the last few weeks.
          I guess I just expected with a sparse population the country areas would be more relaxed.
          I heard about the craziness surrounding Melbourne and the outbreaks. Great to hear some positive results for once.
          I’m happy here. The government and its citizens are handling the situation well.
          I think you can count yourself lucky if live anywhere but America.
          Not really anything else going on Canberra. Live free in lycra. I want that as the capitals slogan!

        • I’m glad things are going well in Finland. Must be the calming influence of the mummins.
          Canberra is great for families, but very boring otherwise. The thing I love about it is that I can work there but live 60km away and it’s a shorter commute than I had in Sydney. And with working at home, I don’t even have to do that! For a while the Canberra number plates said “Feel the power”! 😆

        • Possible. You can’t walk two steps without some muumin merchandise appearing. From where I sit now I can see cups, plates, toys, cannisters, clothing, and stickers embossed with muumin characters.
          Feel the power? Political? 😂

  2. Such a different feel to Friday Afternoon!

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