when I am old and you are grown…

Tebogo (Amateur’s Quill) posed some excellent and very thought provoking questions about parenthood, which in spite of having three kids I was unable to answer. One of them was “What will they say to you [when they are grown]”? So, thinking I could get an answer to at least one question, I asked one of my sons, and he replied “I would say, what are you doing at my house?” So this is my reply to my darling boy:

When I am old, and you are grown,
I’ll come to visit in your home.

I’ll sit on your couch and I will say:
“What have you cooked for me today?”
Then when you tell me I’ll say “yuck!
“I’m not eating that disgusting muck!”

I’ll spread your floor with dirt and mud,
and I’ll have a shower and leave a flood,
I’ll leave my clothes on your bathroom floor,
and I will not shut your damn front door.

I wont lift up the toilet seat,
on your chairs I’ll put my feet.
And where I’ve been, you will tell
by the strange, unpleasant smell.

I’ll leave my shoes in the living room,
and pretend I cannot find the broom
to pick up all the crumbs I’ve spread.
And then I’ll yell “I wish you were dead!
No one else’s son is as mean as you!!”
Yes, I’ll come to your house and that’s what I’ll do!  

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One response to “when I am old and you are grown…

  1. 😄😄😄 Oh wow, this is quite something! Would like to be a fly on the wall in y’all’s future.

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