April Witch II

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “bewitched” :

Come, walk with me –
slip into my mind like an April witch
and nestle in the space behind my eyes.

Look out and see:
a pale crescent of dusty road,
trees, black against the darkening fields,
a first star, white against the deepening blue.

hear a last cicada buzz, then still,
hear the thump of the scattering ’roos,
and the currawong’s evening call.

Smell the earth, summer dry –
cleanness of eucalypt,
sweetness of grass,
the warm ferment of horses.

Taste the cool air:
the road dust
and the breath of the trees,
exhaling the day into the coming night.

Bathe in the breeze,
feel it move:
through hair, across skin.
Stretch out with my arms to catch it.

Now, keep hold of all this,
and add:
the swing of my limbs,
the pulse of my blood
the flow of each breath.

Be present in me,
be my April witch –
my intimate stranger –
just for this moment…

And now, open your mind to me –
let me slide inside
to look out through your eyes.

Give me a moment of yours.


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9 responses to “April Witch II

  1. A beautiful piece, Kate! I love the ending line! Thank you for joining in.

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  4. Wow, this is a gorgeous poem! Reflective. Intimate. I can see and smell and hear the scene you describe. Well done.

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