In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt foresight:

Imagine never being surprised,
never learning anything new –
how terribly…
how unspeakably…
how unbearably…
must be.

Perfect hindsight
and perfect foresight –
time become meaningless,
all eternity seen at once
and held in a single,

How awful to be so afflicted!
What intolerable cruelty
to inflict on a god –
to be our surrogate,
carrying the burden of foresight
that we cannot bear ourselves.
That we hide from –
wrapped in our security blanket
of ignorance
so that we can greet each day
blessed with


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13 responses to “foresight

  1. A powerful piece, Kate! Personally, I like the element of surprise. Plus hindsight and foresight don’t always show up when they should. Thanks for joining in.

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  4. Love this piece. So many meanings. Atheisticaly spiritual.

  5. Love the last line, “so that we can greet each day
    blessed with
    uncertainty.” Beautiful!!

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