Invoking the priestess…

…or joining the blue-rinse set?

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt “mystical“:  

the unwanted,
but unavoidable,
journey must occur.

The green around me
and the blue above me
will be left behind for
the five days of
concrete-grey obeisance
that I must make.

So tonight I trace blue
– sky, water –
and green
– leaves, trees –
into my hair
as an invocation,
as an insignia
of otherness.

In front of the mirror,
the streaks of blue and green
replacing the white within the brown,
I wonder –
is this mystical
or merely misguided?

Am I invoking the priestess
or joining the blue-rinse set?


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20 responses to “Invoking the priestess…

  1. Just brings to my mind azure and amethyst. No idea why. 💜🤔

  2. The profound azure priestess
    or the blue rinse biddy.
    Spout some odd statements about life and they’ll never know 😉

    • good plan 😀 although I suspect it may be too late already

      • It’s never too late. That’s why people still dye there hair well into their ninties 😉

        • It’s being found in the carpark – twice – by a young colleague when I couldn’t find my car that makes me think it’s too late. 😀
          What he doesn’t realise is that I’ve always had that problem – I once lost a work car in a large carpark for almost an hour when I was in my 20’s. All I knew as it was small and white – security did not think that was enough information.

        • I’ve gotta go with security on this, that’s not enough information. You just described most mice, owls, golf balls and half the world’s population.
          Thankfully you are now in the world of clappers, beepers, GPS and all other gadgets to help you find things 😉

  3. Oh no!, I see Kate likes me
    Five latest posts just done
    Why thankyou Kate your very kind
    At FCS all fun……

  4. I so love this! The blue-rinse set, now that’s funny! Brilliant writing, Kate!

  5. Love the contrast. I’d say, settle in the middle and let nature take its course.

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  8. Ramblingswithusha

    Grey, is the colour of wisdom, would like to flaunt it. Beautifully written.

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