cautionary example

or “mechanical disadvantage”:

Alas poor Spidey, poor Spidey is dead!
She’s hunted her last, and now she is spread
flat as a pancake, behind the door.
She made a mistake, and now she’s no more.

Her last “hide and seek” was a deadly game –
but not for her prey, t’was for her that death came.
And so I repeat: “Please keep your fingers
(do you believe me now?) away from the hinges!”

In equation form:

Force on spider = (door width X force on door) / door thickness,

which is approximately 100 times the force applied to the door (the mechanical disadvantage for Spidey)!

 I have told my kids so many times not to ever put their fingers on the edge of a door or try to shut a door on each other, and to keep their damn fingers away from the hinge side… and now our resident huntsman has demonstrated why.  Poor Spidey…  

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