attempted matricide

Stepping down, a sudden stumble –ankle2
a hole instead of my stepping-stone!?
A searing pain and down I tumble –
I think I’ve broken an ankle bone!
It’s blue and swollen past tennis ball,
and I wonder, lying here on my side,
when the doctor asks “how did you fall?”
should I reply “attempted matricide”?

When you become a parent, you constantly see sources of danger to your kids – fall hazards, crushing hazards, strangers, dogs… What it takes longer to realise – too long –  is just how dangerous the kids are to you. After 3 hours waiting in Goulburn hospital yesterday evening for x-rays (after half an hour lying in the garden waiting for someone to come home and help me up) it turns out I do not have any breaks, but a torn ligament. I am now on crutches, which I have already threated to use to beat to death the child who moved my stepping stone and keeps walking around the house whistling cheerfully!  


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14 responses to “attempted matricide

  1. Lucky nothing was broken.
    I know the fear all too well. My children are notorious for leaving their toys all over our already slippery floors.
    I keep telling myself that if an accident does befall me, at least I can finally get some sleep.

    Keep safe 👍💚

  2. Aw I hope you get well soon! Children can be a handful no doubt. ;-;

  3. Ouch! I hope it won’t be too long you’re able to be up and about. At least you have helpers. 🙂 Nice you turned it into a poem instead of filicide!

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