When autumn leaves

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “autumn leaves”:

When autumn leaves, she leaves behind
forgotten treasure for us to find:
sweet chestnuts, spiky as a curse,
bright windfalls for this year’s preserves.
Then we fill our jars with bright sunlight
to see us through dark winter nights.


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23 responses to “When autumn leaves

  1. Feels like Christmas is a-comin’

  2. This is a beautiful piece on autumn. I love the imagery

  3. Awww, this is beautiful and definitely sets the mood for autumn. Thank you for joining in.

  4. So beautiful….Filling jars with sunlight, to last till winter…beautiful expression to describe the glory of autumn sunlight. Loved it.

  5. Dakshali Gupta

    Beautiful πŸ’™

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  7. Wonderful poem. I like the line, “forgotten treasure for us to find.” Thanks for posting this piece.

  8. I love how the concept of preserves plays a part in forming the pictures of this poem.

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