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my creek runneth over

Rain, rain came to stay,20200809_091004
no-one’s going out today.
The creek’s too high,
to pass on by,
so we’ll all stay
at home. Hooray!



120mm in about 36 hours! I hope there’s more so I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow either. I love having a good excuse to just stay home and potter around. (Thank you YV council for being completely incapable of building an adequate bridge.) And every tank except the main house tank is now full, and that’s at 3/4 for the first time in a couple of years. And the dam is overflowing again…   

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leadership training III

Today’s lesson, from the revelations of Kate of  XXXX, chapter 3:

The great beast ascendeth,
the seven-headed dragon
with its ten working groups, Continue reading


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In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “August“, and also inspired by VJ’s daffodils:20200805_084011

On the western front of winter,
at the eastern edge of spring
A seal of frost is broken…

Come and See:
they have risen,
haloed in gold. Continue reading


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I stand with my child
strapped to my chest
held tight in her polyester pouch,
by velcro tabs and plastic clips. Continue reading


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autumn child

Two poems for my daughter:

My autumn child,
with the sky
in her eyes – Continue reading


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