Faraday’s law

A little bit of Sunday afternoon nerdity inspired by the twisted mouse’s EMI:

B changes not
at all in time
when E has gotfaraday_diff
their space just fine.
But change B’s flux,
E says “this sucks”
and curves away.

Or for those who prefer the integral version:

Go through the field,
choose any track,faraday_int
but for the yield
you must come back.
To see the change –
potential gain –
just integrate.

And a final reminder:

See through a Lenz
that minus sign?
It keeps them friends,
prevents a fine
of conservation.
Don’t forget it!


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27 responses to “Faraday’s law

  1. Too much science, so I got lost. 😉 But the rhythm kept me bouncing! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much! I’m glad you like my unprofessional writing, even if I can’t sell you some of my professional writing. 😉 But I thought you were technical, not management. I can’t remember why I thought that…

    • Well, I’m a computer security engineer, but I’m the task lead on a program with a security staff working for me. I now handle more of the management tasks and have others to help solve the technical problems. Meaning in dealing with security in the seven layer OSI model I have been moved to handle the eighth layer, political. 🙂

      • Ah, so you get the wicked problems while other people get the ones with a logical solution. I hope the leadership training is useful for that. Pity turning it off and on again doesn’t work on humans. 😀

  3. Professional writing! Makes sense now. Blew me out of the water.
    And a kookaburra logo! A playful aussie! Which state?

    • Hey, nice to see you here! I’ve admired your writing for some time. 🙂 Yes, a playful Aussie, in rural NSW. You?

      • Nice to be here.
        I’m sure I’ll enjoy your writing as well.
        A playful aussie, a born and raised Vic. I live in Finland now. Haven’t been home in over 5 years.

        • Seen any Moomintrolls? 🙂 I grew up in Melbourne reading Tove Jansson’s books. I’d love to see rural Finland.

        • I have muumin plastered on everything I own. Its everywhere.
          You’re not Finnish if you don’t own a thousand things with muumin printed on them. (the mugs from iittala especially)
          I had never heard of Tove before coming here. When we visited oz I found a bookstore in a Melbourne which sold the books in both English and Finnish. Pleasant surprise. Interesting you grew up with them.
          Finland is wonderful. Forests are amazing, visually and for mushroom and Berry picking. Very flat here though. I miss mountains and the bush. Magpie song in the morning and meat pies in the evening.

        • I just found this in the SPAM folder – which I had never looked in before, and only did this morning because I’m procrastinating instead of working. 😦
          Not sure why we had all the muumin/moomin books when I was a kid. Latvian grandparents, maybe. I re-read them as my kids got to the right sort of age for them, and was amazed at how adult – in the sense of thought provoking for an adult – the themes are in Moominpapa at Sea and Moominvalley in November.
          I’m not game to go mushrooming here, because I’m not confident I wouldn’t pick something poisonous. But I’m hoping for a good blackberry season this summer. One of the many things Yass Valley Council is incompetent at is weed control. 😀

        • An unknown spam folder 🤔 not concerned with finding your children may have some incriminating stuff hidden there?
          The books and TV show have great messages. The new UK moominvalley is beautiful if you haven’t seen it.
          Mushrooming is tricky here as well. But it’s mostly the tourists who get sick/die. Those born and raised know better.
          I remember when we found magic mushroom in the garden of Melbourne uni. No one had any idea what they were. 🤣 good times.
          In yass valleys defence, blackberry’s are a bitch to control.

        • Ha! I’ve followed a trail of chocolate wrappers to my kids’ rooms. I don’t know if they’re too stupid or too brazen to hide the evidence of wrong doings. Hmmm… I’m not sure which would be worse.
          In offence to YVC – they’ll never know how hard it is until they try. 😀 But I’m sure they slap weed control orders on land holders with blackberries – 10 years and several $k since we got an order to eradicate serrated tussock from our place we have it under control and almost eradicated – but it keeps coming back from all the road verges and crown land it’s never been sprayed on. I could write a whole huge rant about YVC, including how they sent a debt collector to my front door because they’d been sending the bills for a creek enclosure to the wrong address for 3 years… and we don’t actually enclose any of the creek anyway. The one that floods over the road whenever it rains because there is no proper pipe under the road for it. And they grade the road and don’t top-dress it – on clay!!!
          Oh, I’ll look out for the UK moominvalley – I hadn’t heard of it! Thanks! 🙂

        • Have you thought it could be classic misdirection? 😉
          I understand. My nan had the same problem with blackberries. They coveted acres of her land. Council was going to fine her. We sprayed but it was no use. Tried cutting them back, didn’t work. Ended up having to hire a bulldozer to tear them up. Sprayed the roots and have kept them off the fence line since. Requires a huge amount of upkeep.
          Okay the debt collectors, inproper grading and lack of appropriate drainage are clear indicators something is wrong in the state of YVC.
          You’re welcome. Kate Winslet is snorkmaiden if I remember. I think they got matt lucas and a few other big names too. Enjoy 😊

        • Wow… Your poor nan. We were threatened with a fine for tussock, and ended up getting helicopter spraying done a couple of times. It’s down to spot-spraying levels now. Growing up in the city (Melbourne) I knew about weeds like blackberries and morning glory, but only learnt about serrated tussock after buying about 100ac of it.

        • We helped her as much as we could.
          Wow! 100 acres.
          Lucky nan and myself, never had to deal with tussock. Helicopter drop must have been a pretty penny.

        • Yep, but we shared the cost with neighbours, so the helicopter part was spread amongst a few landholders. There’s no vehicle access to that back 100 acres, so it was the only option. We’re gradually planting trees over it to outcompete the tussock. I don’t know what would outcompete blackberries though – not much I guess.

        • Ive been in the city too long. I forgot that country folk help each other out.
          Solid trees are a good idea.
          If I ever find anything that overpowers blackberries ill let you know.

        • I replied to this already. WordPress on the fritz. Funny comment thread for it to happen.

  4. Oh, I was just studying Electromagnetic Induction! I love this. Great writing

    • Thanks Rishika! I hope you enjoy EM – it’s very beautiful with the symmetry between the E and B fields. It was actually where Einstein started with relativity – all that stuff about trams was a later explanation, the starting point was EMI – doesn’t matter whether you move the coil or the magnet, only relative motion matters.

  5. BTW, have you discovered the Collecting Reality site? Lots of science poetry.

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