winter spell

A riddle in rhyme, in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt, “magic”. What are the Orb, Staff and Crown? 

Take the Orb, the Staff, the Crown,
bury them, shallow, in the ground.
Now wait you for the planet’s turn,
for snow to melt, for sun to burn,
then sprinkle on the potent brew,
of blood and bone, manure too.
Then rising from the earth, in time:
the startings of a dinner fine,
a sweet to make a maiden sigh,
and a posy to enchant the eye.


Did you identify each magical object? Check your answers by following the links for the Orb and Staff, but you’ll have to reply with your guess for Crown to see if you got that one.  


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10 responses to “winter spell

  1. Love the flow and the rhythm and the magic you created!

  2. Delightful and lyrical piece, Kate! Thank you for joining in.

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