F=ma (is over-rated)

Newton’s second
is all they know –
third law beckons
but they wont go
beyond the sum
of forces. Dumb!
Third’s on the test.

In response to Alex.

And for my students, who never seem to take a hint from “Newton’s third law is my favourite law…”. Perhaps I should set one of Alex’s poems as an exam question: “Identify and explain all references to Newton’s laws. Give your answer as either a sonnet or series of haiku.”


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7 responses to “F=ma (is over-rated)

  1. My favourite is the first, aka the Monday morning law…..

  2. Anonymous

    what is newton’s second? first is “an object continues doing whatever it is currently doing unless an external force acts on it” and the third is “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” I think that’s right unless I’ve got those mixed up.

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