going home / evening commute

The censored commentary of the cardax
pursues me from the closing door
as, head down, I make my way
between towering blocks of grey.

Ruler-straight in black and white,
with arterial exit-arcs to split traffic flow
to shopping centres, dormitory suburbs,
squatting in their own exhalations.

I am another corpuscle, flowing out
past the creeping edges of suburbia
where, windows down, the rush of air
sloughs the work day from my skin.

And now the road unrolls ahead of me
each white dash a heartbeat closer to home,
where scale is redefined by field and sky,
and the blue and green pour in to me.

Then a single lane winding between trees,
the road shivers, twists, sheds its tarry skin,gate
lies stripped back to the dirt beneath,
and rises in a plume of dust to announce:

I am home.



First day back in the office tody after months of working at home.   😦   On the whole I preferred my commutes when it was just a few paces with laptop in hand – but at least with the long commute out of the city there is a definite sense of being away from work. (Now I’ll just post this and then answer all the emails I didn’t get to before I left the office.)  


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