elementals I: cockatoo

With a shriekcockatoo2
the sky splinters,
a dawn-white shard falls,
sulphur crest rising
like a glimpse of sun.


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3 responses to “elementals I: cockatoo

  1. Hi Kate, lovely to hear from you. I thought I would reply to you here so you can see how to reply to a post!
    When you look at a post in Notifications, you need to scroll through to the bottom of the page. In the right hand corner is a star, if you press on that, it counts as a like. Next to that is a speech bubble, click on that and you can make comments, as I have here.
    I hope that helps! Best regards Carolyn Xxx

    • Thanks Carolyn, but honestly, there’s no bubble next to the star on the post I wanted to comment on! There’s “share this” with a set of buttons above “like this” with reblog and like, and below the links to “related”. Anyway, never mind, you got my comment. 🙂
      I really like your poetry – you’ve inspired me to try some haiku, so here is a first one to you:

      A haiku a day?
      what a wonderful challenge –
      met with such talent.

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