I was digging in my garden on Sunday to plant some more bulbs (mostly oriental lilies) and turned up this:


It had dug itself in under the soil, and was lucky not to get chopped in half by my spade. It’s a pobblebonk!

Pobblebonk – go on, say it aloud.  Isn’t it lovely?  The name itself is a poem, so I’m not going to try to write one. It’s the perfect onomatopoeic name, because their call is a “bonk”, and they look like a “pobble” – plump and round and speckled. Okay, so onomatopoeia is only for sound, but I don’t know what the word is for a name that sounds like the thing looks. Is there one? If not, there should be.

I haven’t heard one in the dam for a while, so it was good to know they’re still around. I can’t upload a sound file unfortunately, but this is what they look and sound like. See, they go “bonk!”! The frogsong from our dam is a combination of pobblebonk’s bonks and the little ones that sound like kazoos, eastern sign-bearing froglets, I think.  According to frogs.org.auThe call is a long harsh squelching note “, but they don’t say why it is called “sign-bearing!” What signs do frogs bear???

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