tank tapping

Banging on the tank,
working my way down,
knuckles rapping
against each ridge:
… listening


… listening




Waiting for the echo of emptiness
to mute and dull,
where the water takes the sound
and keeps it,
swallows it.

And finally it does.
But at just one single, iron ripple
from the ground.

Having posted yesterday about the blue sky here, the clouds poured over in the late afternoon then it rained overnight – 32 mm, enough to add another ripple to the tank. Which reminded me of this poem, written late last year before the drought broke, when we were running out of water. Having had good rain in March and April, the main tank is now at just over half-full, and the dam is full to overflowing (literally) after last night’s rain: 20200621_090515

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