a ha’ sonnet for my pig

pigMy naughty pig
with muddy snout,
she likes to dig
the bulbs all out,
then chomp them down
despite my frown –
but I forgive.

Inspired by “If you haven’t got a sonnet“. I found it harder to write a half sonnet than a full sonnet – I think I wrote the full sonnet for my pig in half the time.  Although that’s probably because I was interrupted at least once per line tonight… hmmm…

Why have I had
so many kids?
It’s just too bad
they don’t have lids.
The noise wont cease.
I need some peace!
Why wont they sleep?



Filed under pig, poem

3 responses to “a ha’ sonnet for my pig

  1. Pigs and children, an interesting mix… Very well done! They both made me smile. 🙂

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