Operation Back to School

Two alarms erupt,
in synchrony,
signalling the start
of chaos, confusion and cacophony:
complaining and crying, bickering, shouting, shoving and screaming.

Peace is negotiated
(or a temporary ceasefire)
and reconnaissance begun –
the search for:
bags, books, homework, lunch boxes, laptops, timetables, socks, shoes, hats, phones, notes…

Further intervention is required for
effective feeding and
extraction of:
smudges from faces, soiled clothes, gum from hair, unspeakable substances in the bottom of bags and miscellaneous contraband…

Finally the first two are out the door:
adequately fed,
approximately clean
acceptably dressed,
and (almost) on time.

Savouring the coffee scented silence,
(the smell and sound of victory),
I plan stage two.

when… what?
The mating call of a fog horn?
or the death song of a sea monster?

echoes through the house –
the first two bars of Hot Cross Buns
(forte, with indefinite repeats),
for beginning trumpet
and advanced insanity.


Yes, it was hard working at home with kids during the lockdown – trying to get them to do some (any) schoolwork while getting my own work done. But I was enjoying the less rushed and more relaxed mornings. And not having a commute meant an extra hour of sleep most days. yawn. 

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