Jubilate lilium

Let there be lilies

Let the dark soil feed them20191201_143057
Let their roots stretch down
Let them drink in the rain
Let their bulbs grow round.
Let their leaves bathe in light
Let their green spires rise
Let their shoots stretch out
Let their buds multiply,
Let the sun warm their buds,
Let them silently burst,
Let their scent fill the air
Let their trumpets sing forth.
Let them raise their faces,
Let them take every hue
Let them laugh at the sky
Let them drink in its blue.
Let the tigers dance, and
Let their orange glow,
Let their petals recurve to
Let their freckles show.

Let their choir of colour
cry its joyous defiance.
      (and, please God,
Let the possums not find them.)

After losing much of the garden last summer to heat, drought and animals (kangaroos, possums and my pig), I bought some lily bulbs and planted them in a bathtub. They were spectacular, so I’ve just ordered about 50 more. Okay, maybe I am addicted.   

Christopher Smart’s poem, Jubilate Agno or at least the part about his cat Jeoffry, is one of my favourite poems even though I am not at all religious..  



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