three little words

March 18th, 2008

When we left the hospital
the midwife said:
Feed on demand!
and I don’t want to be a bad mother,
so I do…

M_ fed at 8pm,
L_ at nine thirty,
and then he had a midnight snack
(and I got out the chocolate).

M_ was hungry at 2am,
L_ at just after four.
At 6:30 both at once
(as the midwife said
Learn the twin hold, you’ll need it”.)

Then two hours sleep, a miracle!

Almost 10 when L_ wakes again,
halfway through M_ stirs,
and screams,
and screams,
and screams…

At 12 all is peaceful.
So I start the kettle for a cup of tea,
and see the note that
my loving husband left for me:
Dog not fed”.


I dug this out of the archives to share with a friend who recently had a baby that is now about the same age as my boys were when I wrote this. The dog has passed on, but I still have the husband. I miss that dog. 

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