a belligerence of llamas


A belligerence of llamas blocks the road.

They are at once ridiculous and intimidating:
their tiny heads perch atop towering necks
their bale-of-fleece bodies on stick-thin legs.

The sneer down at me with infinite arrogance
then with a snort of contempt (to my cringing relief)
they announce that I am beneath their interest.

Turning their backs, they saunter slowly away.


My neighbour has a pair of llamas, and occasionally they go for a stroll along the road. They stand around in poses like mean girls, looking disdainfully down their noses at any passing cows, horses or humans. They are intimidating, and I’m not sure whether more so because of their size or their demeanour. The collective noun for llamas is flock or herd, but it ought to be belligerence


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3 responses to “a belligerence of llamas

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  2. Ooh I love this. Is that a real collective noun “a belligerence of llamas”. It’s brilliant. And the description “ridiculous and intimidating” is so accurate and relatable.

    • I made it up, but it ought to be the collective noun for them. 😀 They’re like pantomime animals, with the skinny legs sticking out under the shaggy coats. But scary… and they sneak up on me whenever I go next door.

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