burying the evidence (what problem? I don’t have a problem…)

I sneak out while no one is looking,
bulging paper bags
(the evidence of my addiction),
tucked under my coat.

Checking that I have not been followed,
I kneel in the dirt,
spade in hand
and dig,
and dig,
and dig…

Who would have thought
that 50 irises
could take up so much space!?

Perhaps it is time to admit,
that I have a problem…

Where on Earth
will I put the 200 daffodils?

There should be some sort of society for people like me who are addicted to online gardening sites, where I can go to a meeting and stand up and say “my name is Kate, and I have a problem. I bought 250 bulbs”, and everyone applauds. This is not a COVID-19 triggered stress response, it is an ongoing addiction. Last year it was lilies and tulips, but the tulips got eaten by mice and the pig, so I have space for irises this year!    

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