Mum’s hair dressing salon

You, put the chair on the porch
you, get the big scissors
Okay, who’s first…
Oh come on…

Right, you! Sit!
[snip snip snip
light brown hair drifts down]
You’re fine, stop complaining
that’s what happens when you fidget
you – go get a bandaid!

Okay, you’re done
                                                                       It’s all itchy mum!
You – go get the hose

Right, next!

                                                                       It better not look like a bowl this time mum
Fine, but your ears’ll look big
                                                                       If I still have any, his is bleeding!
Stop being a princess
[snip snip snip
dark brown hair sails off in the breeze]

Right, last. Sit.
                                                                        Don’t take too much off mum
You look like a haystack
and what’s this stuff?
Want a fringe?
                                                                       yeah, okay mum
[snip snip snip
yellow hair drops to the timber]

Okay, strip off and stand in the garden
no, leave your boots on,
there might be snakes!
You, open the valve on the tank
                                                                         ow! it’s too hot!
The hose has been in the sun
it’ll cool off,
anyway, you’re done.
okay you’re done too,
right, last
                                                                             mum it’s too cold!
don’t flinch!
damn it, now you’ve fallen in the onions!
                                                                            Ha! she’s covered in dirt!
right, lets get the dirt off
stand over the tomatoes,
they need some water

you – go turn the valve off
you – put all the clothes in the wash
you – go tell your father it’s his turn

                                                                           …hey mum, dad says no,
                                                                           not unless he can do yours first.
[three smirking faces]
                                                                            well mum?


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4 responses to “Mum’s hair dressing salon

  1. Two thumbs up.Or would they get snipped off?

  2. A delight to wake up at night and find a new name on the page.
    You have some wonderful writing here, Kate. You see well, too.
    Thanks for following. Nick

    • Thank you Nick. I’ve been reading your poems/songs instead of working – it’s hard to close them and go back to the mundane work day. I really like your “i saw a shell” poem a lot.

  3. Thank you, Kate. Much appreciated.

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