pig cf long pig

In the midst of the current irrational panic buying and idiotic hoarding my pig broke into the feedbin and ate 2 weeks worth of food in one go. And I thought she was smarter than humans…

Natural justice for pigs:
She broke into the feedbin,
and ate a fortnight’s feed.
Now she lies, unable to stand,
bloated, moaning and whimpering.

This is how to kill a pig:
Put out some food,
shoot the one at the back.
The others will look up a moment,
then keep on eating.

Natural justice for long-pigs?
Man crushed in collapse
of hoarded toilet-paper stack?
Woman hospitalised
from excessive panic eating?

How to kill a long-pig?
Don’t look up from the TV.
Don’t recall the homeless guy
in the supermarket carpark,
as you eat dinner tonight.

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Filed under pig, poem, rants

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