FULT ePortfolio Blogs #3: end of week 1

This is a general reflection on the first week of the first FULT course.

I’ve been teaching teaching and doing education research for quite a few years now.  So the content is not new to me. But I’m enjoying being reminded of the underlying theory (how long since I’ve read Kolb??), and there is something nice about seeing old favourites, like the Teaching Teaching and Understanding Understanding video from Aarhus.

To be honest, I was dreading the online stuff after a crappy experience with another FutureLearn MOOC on education (see previous post). I still resent not having time to do this in working hours (I’m part time – I should be pottering in my garden, spending quality time with my pig or working on a textbook I have a contract to do!). But the actual MOOC experience is good so far – its textbased which I prefer, and the only video had a transcript right below it. I’m curious how other people are finding it – are other participants wanting lots of talking head videos? Does it help them feel like they are interacting more? I guess I have an advantage as a native English speaker and a lover of words – I find personality and interaction in the way people write.

The short chunks followed by a question to reflect on and either write a substantial response (these blogs) or a short response are good. That’s keeping me engaged even though I’m trying to do a week as a chunk (I’m 3 solid hours in now…).  I’m going to have a break and do week 2 in a few days though!


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